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IF:Faith is a local group of women from all walks and stages of life in the Wyckoff/Franklin Lakes area in North Jersey. 

We meet monthly for IF:Table, a simple meal in groups of 6 women to discuss 4 questions over 2 hours. IF:Table is a casual place to get to know each other, invite friends, and to have meaningful Christ-centered conversation (and good food!). IF:Faith began as a pilot group based on the IF:Table model in the summer of 2015.

IF:Equip is a daily bible study. Sign up at for a daily e-mail including a short and uplifting scripture and reflection. IF:Equip is a great way to keep rooted in the Word of God in your rhythm of living.

IF:Gathering is an annual event designed to bring women together in our local context, joining women all over our nation and the world. IF:Gathering is held the first weekend of February.